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Character Preview for The Black Hobo

Hello everyone, i wanted to give you an update on what we are working on in addition to introducing another character that will appear in The Black Hobo comic book. Currently Shahied is working on drawing the first issue. While i work on character development and selling artwork to finance the business.

Now we have done a character preview for our hero. And our supporting characters. Now we introduce the villains. The pictures we use for the character previews are just sketches and the characters might look different when the comic book is released. When creating a villain i usually create their motivation first and work outwards creating their personality, then appearance. Our first villain's name is...


John Libertine III

John was born to a wealthy family. His mother died when he was young. His father and uncle squandered a large portion of the family fortune. The Libertines were forced to move to Aden Island where John attends college and is an active member of a fraternity. A fraternity that initiates new members by assaulting the homeless.

This brings them in direct conflict with Ecko, our hero. John's first encounter with the Black Hobo gain her notoriety, but him embarrassment. And John becomes obsessed with getting revenge on The Black Hobo and the homeless population of Aden Island.

And as the story progresses the reader will learn more about John's motivations. And why he is the way he chooses to use his families money and influence to try and destroy our hero.


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