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Espressa Elyas

First Appearance:

Baid Born Issue 1





Aden Island

If You Asked. She'd Say The Comic Book Should Be About Her.

Her name is Espressa Elyas. Her age? Twenty-seven. At 27 she was promoted to homicide detective with the A.I.P.D. The youngest person promoted to detective. In the history of the Aden Island Police Department.
Espressa's promotion's promotion. Has earned her notoriety and condemnation from her peers. She's learned to pick and choose her battles. Specifically, when it comes to her career. Still, she is not above flipping out on someone. When the need occurs. This constant struggle with the outside world. Has left her standoffish and withdrawn. Espressa wakes up. Goes to work. Stays late. Comes home and works on cases until she falls asleep. Then rinse and repeat.

Espressa's obsessive behavior is what makes her an above average detective. She's assigned the cases lesser detectives want. Thereby feeding her compulsive tendencies. Readers will learn more about Espressa's background. And learn what experiences in her past. Form the foundation of her obsessional behavior.

Volume one of our stories. Is about a hero that has to return home and liberate it from street gangs. Espressa's role in our story. Is to prevent our hero from becoming an unchecked vigilante. Our hero is powerful. Why doesn't he shut down every crack house? Kill every gang member? Baid wants to. Espressa is there to remind him that not all gang members evil. some are not there by choice. A prolong battle with all three gangs will attract the police, and soon after the government

Espressa will represent law and order. whether Baid likes it or not. 

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