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Alex and Eric

First Appearance:

Baid Born Issue 1





Aden Island

Alex and Eric, The Laurel and Hardy of Our Story

Alex and Eric are two rookie police officers with a passion for technology. They are both computer-savvy and excel in their work when it comes to I.T. support. However, they often find themselves relegated to desk duty, as their more experienced colleagues underestimate their abilities. 

Despite this, Alex and Eric are determined to prove their worth as police officers. They frequently come up with innovative solutions to help their fellow officers. Their colleagues often tease them for being "geeks" and "nerds," but Alex and Eric don't let it get to them. They know that their skills are valuable, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to prove it. Inevitably, the pair end up doing the task most office shy away from. Alex and Eric enter Espressa's orbit. After being assigned a mundane task.

In our story. Alex and Eric's are comic relief, but they are also important characters throughout the series. We needed a dash of slap stick. Bobby Mac Adoo does that but from the prospective from within Rainbow Village. A violent community. Alex and Eric give us the same, but from the perspective of an outsider coming to the Village for the first time. We couldn't do that with just Espressa.

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