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Bobby Mac Adoo

First Appearance: Baid Born Issue 1

Age: 10



Battery HQ

A Bit About Bobby

Meet Bobby Mac Adoo, one of the supporting characters of our comic book series. Bobby was born and raised in Rainbow Village. Both of Bobby’s parents are drug addicts. Bobby has spent most of his childhood roaming the streets of the Village. Bobby has mapped a majority of Rainbow Village. Including its underground tunnel system. Known as “The Gourd”. But his tough upbringing hasn’t slowed his quick wit.


Bobby often makes off-color remarks in tense situations. He’s spent a large amount of time watching television. And often times will quote TV shows, even if he does not understand the references he is using. No matter what challenges are hurled at Bobby. He remains unwilling to be influenced by the street gangs of the Village. Bobby often uses the Gourd. As a safe haven.

Bobby’s knowledge of The Gourd, a system of tunnels running from Rainbow Village to the City. Makes him a value ally for our protagonist, Baid. If Baid can get to him before 99. An ultra-violent gang that kidnaps children. To keep the number of their ranks at ninety-nine members. 

Bobby’s role in our comic book. Is to provide a small amount of comic relief. To prevent our story from going too dark. Bobby also represents one class of victim. Living in Rainbow Village. Children, at the point of our story. The Village is ruled by gangs and gang violence. The Gangs seek to control the Villages children. And by extension, control the future of Rainbow Village. 

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