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Black Hobo Character Preview

Last post we previewed the main character Ecko, aka, Black Hobo. With this post we look at a supporting character. Maxine Jackson aka The Cat Lady. Maxine is an African American female in her late 60s. Maxine was homeless for over 10 years. During her time on the streets Maxine developed a kinship with the city's stray cats. Where ever she went. Stray cats would follow. Maxine was called the cat lady by people in the neighborhood. Maxine's nurturing personality is what attracts the cats. That same personality endears her to the neighborhood. Maxine is offered a job keeping watch overnight at the city dump. That is where she meets Ecko. Maxine allows Ecko into the city dump at night. Ecko repurposes things that she founds in the dump.

Maxine acts as Ecko's grandmother in that she offers advice based on her experiences. And gives Ecko treats and sends her on her way. Back to Ecko's mother figure, Zoe.


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