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The State of H.D.C.C

Issue 3 of the Baid Is Born comic book. Is was recently halted to a snail’s pass. When our writer slash editor, came down with a simple cold. That mutated into a case of acute bronchitis. Which lead to an emergency room visit. And three weeks of inactivity. Thankfully Shahied was able to finish two pages. But we are thankful Ibin is ok. We would like to thank his family for taking care of him. And as a writer he has gain the experience of sitting in a E.R. with a 104-degree temperature. An experience that will prove useful in a future issue.

We hope to have the cover page and page one posted to the website by Sunday night. The plan is to now release five issues online and we are looking into doing a Kickstarter to complete issue 6. Bundle issues 1 though 6 into a graphic novel. And sell it online and at comic conventions. We are still working on the next comic book. We are torn on which we will do next. We have three solid titles in mind. We do know it will be a hero with no powers. Someone that relies on training and skill.

On a personal note I can’t wait to see Avengers Infinity War. We still haven’t come down from The Black Panther movie. The entire family attended, and we had a great time. For the Avengers we will be attending separately in smaller groups. Some of us will be staying home and getting caught up.

That’s the update, a pretty short one. Our picture below is one Ibin did long ago while working at a technical support helpdesk. I don't know if it's a self portrait. But it looks like is was a stressful job.

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