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"Utilizing AI Art Image Generators for Creating Backgrounds in our Comic Books"

In the realm of comic book creation, technology has opened up new avenues for my brother and me. We started Baid Is Born because we dreamed of making our comic book. And we saw software, at the time named Manga Studios, that would allow us to do that. Back then my brother was drawing on paper. I would scan the art. Then use Manga Studio software to add word balloons. Years later we received a donation and used it to purchase drawing tablets. My brother began using a tablet instead of a pencil, pen, and paper. As a small creative team, my brother and I have embarked on an ambitious journey to bring our unique vision to life through the pages of our comic book. The process is intricate and time-consuming, but we've found a powerful ally in artificial intelligence (AI).

The use of an AI image generator has been a game-changer for us. It allows us to craft detailed and immersive backgrounds that would otherwise require countless hours of manual labor. This innovative tool has not only expedited our creative process but also enabled us to maintain a high level of artistic quality. By delegating the creation of complex scenes to AI, we can focus on the core aspects of our narrative and character development.

M.I.A. Comics

In the image above. The figure was drawn by my brother. I colored it using Clip Studios formally Manga Studios. I used an AI image generator to create the background and went back to Clip Studios to match Shahied's artwork with the generated background.

Our approach to comic book creation is unconventional. We are not aiming for the traditional public market; instead, our sights are set on the entertainment industry. Our goal is to create a compelling prototype that can be reimagined by professionals. We look forward to and are excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead.


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