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Issue 3 Coming Soon

We have just finished the cover of issue 3. Issue 3 will have more action as Baid will be confronting a dangerous gang called 99. Baid will also learn why superpowers won't solve the gang problem in Rainbow Village. We hope to have issue 3 finished sooner then it took the previous issues. With the help of our new touchscreen drawing monitor. It's a monitor that connects to our company computer. The software that we use to add tones shows on the monitor. Then we use a stylus to draw directly on the monitor. Using a touchscreen monitor decreases the time it takes to finish a page. And it's just cool to use. We are very excited about it. Also as a family, we just saw the Black Panther movie and I've seen comic book movies that have inspired me to keep pursuing my dream. But the Black Panther was something special. When we began creating Baid Is Born we contacted comic book artist and writers. To get an idea of our story was good enough to sell. And while most thought what we were trying to accomplish was good. Some did not think an African American, lead character would sell. After seeing the Black Panther, I know that our comic can and will be successful. I highly recommend the Black Panther. It's a great comic book movie, but it's also a great movie. We are also still working on two additional books. The infidel and an untitled, there is some internal discussions on which of the two new books should be released next. Both are vigilante type heroes, with no superpowers. The Infidel is an American soldier, that becomes a vigilante. In order to protect the residents of the middle eastern city from an oppressive government. Our untitled book is about a homeless, young woman. That becomes a vigilante to protect the homeless community of a large city. Both heroes are a woman and we are excited about both books. I'm really looking forward to the time we can work on both full times.

-Peace Ibin Abdur-Rahim

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