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Baid Is Born issue 2... Done

We are happy to announce that we have posted issue 2. We posted it months ago, but I haven’t been able to write an update because my wife had a baby. It’s a joyous time in our household. And I’m so blessed, but also very tired. I’ve just now gotten back into the swing of things. Work now begins on issue 3. The dialog is finished. Shahied is drawing the pages. We have started using more reference material as it was suggested by a reader. I think it’s improving Shahied’s pages. The third issue will explain our hero’s motivation and a small piece of his origin. We have a ton of content to share about Baid’s past. We are framing the first 6 issues into a story arc. Then we will add those into a graphic novel. Then continue the series from issue 7.

Now for our next comic book. Because we are starting a comic book company. We have a comic universe like Marvel or DC. Our second comic book is called Infidel. It’s about a Muslim American soldier that creates a vigilante alter ego. She defends the civilians of a middle eastern city. Think Zorro meets G.I. Joe. I have this one plotted but still working on characters and I hope to start writing issue 1.

We have a third book which is in the early stages. This book has an urban feel and it’s inspired by a Diana Ross album cover.

We have a lot of work to do, not to mention working on ads for Baid. And as always, we are working to quit or day jobs and work for Hebrew Dat Coffee Comics full time.

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