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It's Been Awhile

It's been awhile since we created a post. Minorities In Action™ has been busy with our 9 to 5 jobs and working on the comic. And searching for funding.

Our artist @ShahiedR Shahied is working on our second comic book "Black Hobo". @GuiltyGamerz Muhammad is working on coloring our first comic book "Baid Is Born".

We all continue looking for away to fund ourselves so we can work on our comic full time. Why? It's like trying to start a cookie company. We have a great cookie recipe. But we need to make the cookies in order to make a profit. We can't make our cookie because we are working 40 plus hours a week making someone else's cookies.

So what are we doing to solve that issue? We are applying for grants. Writing and drawing grants, small business grants. We are applying for jobs within the comic book industry. We have started a twitter account for the company. @MIAComicsCorp

We will use it to show updates of what we are working on and doing while not working on the comic book.

Art by Shahied Abdur-Rahim


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