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We Need Your Help

Hello to everyone reading this post. My name is Muhammad Ibin Abdur-Rahim. I am the CEO of M.I.A Comics Corp. I am also a father, husband and an African American small business owner. I partnered with my family in order to solve a problem. And what was that problem you ask? To help my brother and I escape our 9 to 5 job we hate. In order to work a 10-hour job that we love. Making comic books featuring characters and plots that are not like what comic book fans are currently reading.

Now, it is not that we do not appreciate our current job. We just know it is not what we were meant to do. So, we created a comic book and quickly learned that creating the comic book was the easy part. Selling the comic book to a mainstream company was the hard part. We were faced with another problem. If one thing our 9 to 5 has thought us. Is how to solve problems. So, we decided to create more comic books. Then start our own comic book company and publish our own comics.

M.I.A Comics Corp is our answer to that problem.

Now, our solution has presented another problem. How do we produce enough content to fill our comic book universe and still be able to provide for our families? The answer is Patreon. We are asking for comic book fans, and non-comic book fans. Help us achieve our dream and we promise you a treasure trove of diverse entertainment the likes of which you have never seen.

-Thank you

Muhammad Ibin Abdur-Rahim


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