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We Are Still Here

And we are still hard at work on the Black Hobo, our new comic book. We are also adding a membership option to our website. Right now we want to show some of the characters from the Black Hobo comic book. First is the main character Ecko

Ecko is our hero, she was born and raised on the street. Ecko was taught how to survive. But she sees many homeless people that were not taught. Ecko decides to teach survival during the day. And protect her community at night.

The first thing we want people to notice about Ecko is that she has a sense of style even though she is homeless. She takes what the privilege throws away and reshapes it.

Growing up Ecko became a fan of martial arts movies. So the reader will see that in her costume and weapons. Ecko's personality is one of outer strength. With a deep empathy for the suffering of the innocent.

At night Ecko wears a costume and mask that she creates. And patrols the backstreets protecting the homeless.

We will do updates with our supporting characters as well. Stay tuned.

M.I.A Comics Staff


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