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Page 8 Colored

I just colored another page. And I wanted to keep sharing my progress. Because it explains why it's taken so long to finish our first book. We have three issues completed. But they are not colored. We were going to release them as black and white. Because we honestly didn't have time to do color. Then we received a donation that allow us to purchase drawing tablets. Shahied, my artist and brother. And I, decided to go back and color the first issue. And the difference is below. I just think it's better. And it will attract more attention.

This is not the final product. I do have to redo the dialog bubbles. So, it's not complete. The next update I will show a before and after. And the after will have an image added. This helps us avoid drawing backgrounds. It saves a ton of time. Now some people have called this cheating. But if and when I make enough money to quite my cubical job. And make comic books. I'll make sure every background is drawn.

Til Next Update


M.I.A Comics Corp


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