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October Update

I wanted to touch base with everyone and let you know what we are currently working on. I just completed coloring the drawing you see on this post. Our artist, Shahied, drew this image years ago. One of the things we can do now is going back and adding color to our older artwork. For now, we can avoid having to hire someone to color Shahied’s drawings. It is like renovating a house. Instead of hiring someone to do tiles. You tile yourself. But one of our future goals is to hire someone to strictly color our artwork and all comic books.

I am also working on a new video which will introduce our 3rd comic book "The Infidel". I hope to post it tomorrow. Next month I will start making videos about individual characters. We are also putting together our next Community Poetry post.

Shahied is working on The Black Hobo pages. Page one is completed, I just need to add dialog. Shahied is also working on an illustration for a rapper. Hopefully, we will be able to post it.

The image accompanying this post is called Cost 2b The Boss. It’s a representation of the price of power. Which sometimes can end in death. Imagine a leader that lust for power. Ultimately attains that power but becomes a target for others seeking that power. The jewels in the crown are red, white and blue. To show how the American dream can lead to destruction. And the skull could be man, or a woman of any race. Meaning it can happen to anyone.

Thank you,

-Muhammad Ibin Abdur-Rahim


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