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New Website

We have changed the Baid Is Born website to reflect our new comic book company. M.I.A Comics Corp, is the name of our comic book company. M.I.A is an acronym for Minorities In Action, or Muhammad Ibin Abdur-Rahim. We have created additional comic books and decided to create a universe where they all exist. We needed the website that will have a space for each book. As we finish an issue we will post it to this site. The web address, and will all point to this website. I am still in the process of posting the 3rd issue of Baid is Born to the site. We are also working on a Patreon site. Our goal is to create a Netflix type service, where supporters can pay a monthly price for access to our comic books. The different being supporters can what they feel the comics books are worth.

With everything that is going on Shahied's and my 9 to 5 has not slowed down at all. Work has increased, which makes it harder to get things done. Hopefully we will change that one day. And we will be able to work on this business full time and still be able to support our families. Ok, back to work.


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