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M.I.A. Comics 2023

The first post of 2023. Last year ended by throwing a few challenges at the family. As always, the family meets each challenge. By supporting each other. Those obstacles hindered the progress of our comic books. We continue to work. Not only on the comic book. Also, on side projects that help fund the company.

First thing. I want to show my progress on coloring Baid Is Born Issue 1.

Second. Shahied continues his work on The Black Hobo.

Here are some of the side projects Shahied and I completed. Last year.

A friend asked me to help her with the cover of her first book. The profits paid for this website and the renewal of several of our domain names.

Shahied created the cover for our mother's first book of poetry.

We are still here. In 2023 we will finish coloring Baid Is Born. And we will finish the first Issue of The Black Hobo. Then we can start promoting. Working on getting traffic to our website.


-Muhammad Ibin Abdur-Rahim

-M. I. A. Comics


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