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Two Pages to Go

It's the end of the year and we are close to completing issue 3. Shahied has two pages to draw and as soon as i get them i will add dialog and then post the entire issue. Next, we will begin the 4th issue which will end on a cliff hanger. Once all four issues are posted we will start promoting the comic book and our new company M.I.A Comics. Soon after we start our second comic book Black Hobo. A comic about a homeless woman, whom becomes a vigilante. She protects a homeless community, that is being marginalized and victimized.

2020 we will work on acquiring enough financing that we can work on the Comic Company full time. creating a comic book with our only experience being that we read comic books. Will be a lot easier then the administrating steps it takes to start a business. But making a living doing what you love is not going to be easy. Because if it was everyone would do it. That's the update for now. I will post again once the last two pages are complete. I usually post a drawing. Since we have been so busy Shahied hasn't drawn anything new except for Baid Is Born . So here is something I drew long ago. In an art class far sway. Actually its like a few minutes up the street from where I currently live.

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