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September Update

It's late September and we are close to finishing issue 3 of Baid Is Born. We have decided to post issues 1 through 4 on this website. A change from our original plan to post issues 1 through 5. Why the change? We need to accelerate production of Baid Is Born and begin production of Black Hobo our second comic book. Then we will begin promoting and hopefully start working our brand and both books full time. Of course, we will not stop at two books. We are in the early planning stages of a third book called The Infidel. Not much to this month's update, I have attached a drawing that Muhammad did called PUSH. Its a drawing he did for an exhibit, but unfortunately it didn't get chosen. But as our art teacher once said. Contests are just matters of opinions.


M.I.A Comics Corp Staff

Push by Muhammad Abdur-Rahim

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