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June Update

We are making progress on our comic book and comic book business. First, we are going to move up to monthly updates. We will start including pictures of sketches, also a look into our creation process. Baid Is Born, our first comic book, is posted to this website. We are working on issue 3. We are about at 75%. Hopefully we will finish by summer's end. I've personally had to kick things into high gear as far as editing. I’m behind on the pages I need to get done. While I get caught up. Shahied has started sketching characters for our vigilante comic, Black Hobo. This book is really going to be something special. Although the theme sounds similar this story is very different from Baid Is Born. Our protagonist is female and has no superpowers. At this point in our creative process, I've plotted the book, written character descriptions and now Shahied will start drawing a sketch book with characters and costumes. Black Hobo will be full color, we are looking into hiring a freelance colorist or doing it ourselves.

Business update, we have officially changed the name of our company to M.I.A Comics. We have finished the necessary legal filings and we will go into more detail in a future update as soon as trademark and copywrite is approved. We also have a comic book convention in August. we hopefully will be selling t-shirts at our table. I will have more information on that next update, but for now b

ack to work on Issue 3. I leave you with a sketch Shahied did for our local library. Contest and small freelance jobs are how we finance the company.

Bookmen by Shahied Abdur-Rahim

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