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M.I.A Corps

Another short update. because we are behind on the pages Shahied has been cranking out. usually, its the opposite. We are close to completing issue 3, although I can't say when it will be complete. I can say it will be done this year. Shahied has purchase Copic markers, which adds depth to his drawings. It also speeds up the production of the pages. If Shahied can add tones during the drawing stage. Ibin only has to add dialog. And maybe some backgrounds here and there. Below is an example of a sketch he did of our new hero. Copic markers are an artist best friend and Shahied highly recommends them.

We have also began the process of changing the name of our comic book company. From Hebrew Dat Coffee Comics to M.I.A. Corps. Why? We felt it better described our company. The letters are the initials of the owner and creator, Muhammad Ibin Abdur-Rahim. It is also the initials for Minorities In Action. Now, it doesn't mean our comic books will only have characters that are minorities. Our stories are based on realistic characters in unrealistic situations. We just want our heroes to resemble the community that we grew up in. So that's it for now back to issue 3. We have so much planned for Baid Is Born, and we can't wait until we can share the entire story from beginning to end.

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