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What's Happening in 2019

This will be a short update, but it's been a good while since our last one. We continue to work on issue 3. Shahied is about half way through his pages, below is an example of one of the pages. And Ibin is currently inserting dialog then will go back and add tones. We are very busy with our 9 to 5 cubical jobs and that has delayed our progress on the third issue. It means longer hours after work and on weekends. We want to ramp things up in the New Year.

The company will go through a rebranding. A new name along with a new logo. We wanted to give the future customers a better idea of who we are and what we are trying to accomplish. So as a company, we all agreed a name change was due. The new name and logo will be unveiled next year.

We will start production on a new comic book IP, called Black Hobo. It's about a homeless young woman and her quest to protect the homeless community. The comic will be drawn by Shahied and written by Ibin. We are hoping to have this book be full color.

We also are planning on creating a coffee table book to introduce our comic book company. And we plan on getting a booth at our first comic book convention. We are still here, working on our dream. 2019 we kick it into a higher gear.

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