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Baid Is Born Issue 2 Update

Dirty World by Shahied Abdur-Rahim

We are posting the cover and inside cover to issue 2. In this issue, your introduced to Baid’s supporting characters. We should have more pages by this weekend. I’m also working on the dialog for our second comic book, The Infidel. We hope to get a preview up by the first week of June.

We continue working on doing the comic book full time. Which means finding financing, saving, improving credit, basically starting a small business. Shahied is taking a break on working on art. I believe he has issue 3 completed and some of issue 4.

But we continue to find motivation in strange places. Like watching toys and video games we made fun of as children become blockbuster movies. Or when your kids ask you, “When is all the time you spend on the comic book gonna pay off?” We also are welcoming a new addition to our family. He should be making his appearance by June 7th. So, it’s going to be a very exciting May and June. That’s it for now, so issue 1 of Baid Is Born is posted now. The cover and inside cover page of issue 2 is posted. We hope to have issue 2 completed and posted sometime in June. And a preview or cover of The Infidel.


-Hebrew Dat Coffee Comics

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