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Free Online Comic Book

It’s April 19, 2017. We have finished posting the first issue on our website, And now we work on issue two. All the pages are done. We are in the post production period. We should be posting pages soon. Shahied is working on the pages for issue 3. And Ibin is writing the first draft of our second hero The Infidel. I’m very excited about The Infidel. It’s a unique story that was created from varying themes. I think the main character is more of an underdog then Baid. Having both comic books will show an interesting contrast between a super powered hero versus a human hero. We also have some family members working on a book of poetry.

Other than that, we are waiting for a lot of comic book movies this year. We are hoping to get a booth at the Tampa Bay comic con. Fingers crossed, but just on one hand. Two hands, that’s bad luck.


-Hebrew Dat Coffee Comic

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