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Baid Is Born Issue one, posted to this website.

Today we are announcing that we are finished with the final draft of the first issue of Baid Is Born. And we are posting the pages of the comic book on this website. Every two weeks we will post the next two pages, until the entire book is posted. Then we will post issue 2 and so on. Once we finish six issues we will put them together to form the greatest graphic novel ever.

This is a very proud and happy day for Hebrew Dat Coffee Comics. We have worked very hard on the comic book we want to hear from people. We welcome critiques, we will use them to make improvements to future issues.

We will also print issues for anyone interested. Send us an email at We will also sell issues at comic book conventions, which we will start this year. So very exciting things are happening. When I was a kid I always thought creating a comic, would mean I would have to get a job with a comic book company. Now my brother and I have created the first issue, in a three-volume story. And are posting it to our own website. It’s a great thing.


Ibin Abdur-Rahim

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