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2017 Can't Come Soon Enough

2016 couldn't end fast enough for Hebrew Dat Coffee Comics. But only because we are really looking forward to 2017. We are working on raising enough funds to allow us to work on our comic book company full time. With a little hope and a lot of planning. By this time next year, will be free of our cubicles. By the way if you haven't already go see Star Wars Rogue One, then correct that mistake as soon as possible. It's not just a great Star Wars movie, it's a great movie.

Baid Is Born issue 1 has finally been completed. We made changes to pages based on feedback. Starting Jan 2017, we will begin selling issues through this website. We will continue adding issues as we finish them. We will combine the issues into a graphic novel and sell through our site as well.

H.D.C.C continues to work to make our dreams come true. 2017 will see us one step closer to that goal.

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