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Will Work For Food and Money

Hebrew Dat Coffee is working hard to complete the Baid Is Born graphic novel. Starting a comic book business and self-publishing a graphic novel requires time and money. So in addition to our 8 to 5 ish’ jobs. Our staff takes side jobs to finance the business. Ibin was recently hired to illustrate a children’s book. Ibin tells me the project is about 15 pages. And his artwork will look like a cross between early renaissance oil paintings and dogs playing poker. We remind Ibin not to go crazy. It's a children's book not the Sistine Chapel. Although having money for the business is great. Side projects always mean, time spent not working on Baid Is Born the Graphic Novel. But we do what we got to do. Luckily Ibin is only the writer and most of the plotting is already done. Shahied is hard at work on the artwork. He just turned in another page and it looks amazing.

What do we use the side project money for? Well mostly operating cost. But side projects are not always about money. Sometimes we trade art for booth space. We just finished a drawing in exchange for a handmade quilt, with a picture of our hero Baid stitched on it. For now, side project money is for a down payment on a future business loan. A loan that will allow us to work on the comic book company full time. And on that day the CEO promised us a pizza party. So now our motivation has quadrupled.

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