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Marvel's Daredevil Netflix Series Review

Hebrew Dat Coffee are working hard on our first graphic novel Baid Is Born. But we all took a break this weekend to watch the new Netflix series Marvel's Daredevil. I never read daredevil when I wa a kid. I stuck to mostly Xmen. It wasnt until I was older that I read A Spiderman issue that Daredevil guest starred in. The character caught my curiosity and i read some back issues. And I think Daredevils appeal for me had to be the martial arts aspect. Daredevil was trained by a blind martial arts master named Stick. Daredevil routinly runs into The Hand, a evil ninja clan. Our family has had a love of ninjas for years. While most familes were at church, we spent Sunday mornings watching kungfu theater. And yes I do know that nijas don't use kung fu, the show was just named kung fu theater.

So, when we I started watching Daredevil, it wasn't as a fan of the comic book. I watched the show as a fan of martial arts and comic books. And of course I was hoping to watch a great TV show. I wanted an epic marathon that would keep me hitting the watch next episode button until the last episode of the season. Daredevil impress me on all levels. Each episode has great action sequences. Many action tv series fail on one crucial aspect, the action. Maybe its due to budget constraints. If you adverstise a tv show as action, in the current crowded market, you better deliever . Daredevil did, even though some of the scenes were aided by computer effects. I don't think it tooks away from the quality.

Second was the story, in my book, the heart of a tv series. You can flashbang an audience with special effects and explosions in a 2 hour movie. But if you dont have an intriging story with good character development. Your not going to convince someone to sit through 13 episodes of any series. Daredevil was moving. It was emotional, I even teared up at certain points. Their are so many themes, good versus evil, sins of the father, standing by while evil triumps. They made reference to current events. They also tied into the current Marvel Movies . The series felt like it was in the Marvel universe , but a darkers side. A dark side that has explicit language and is extremely violent so this TV series is not for kids.

I highly recommend spending time with this series. Comic book fans, and fans of entertainment this is a must watch. And it gives me hope for a Punisher TV series, finger's crossed. Watching the exsplosion of comic book releated media gives us at Hebrew Coffee Comics hope that one day our comic book will be seen on the small screen. So back it's back to work on our comic book.

Ibin Abdur-Rahim

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