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Who is Hebrew Dat Coffee Comics

Hebrew Dat Coffee Comics is a family business, based out of Clearwater, Florida. We create digital comic books and graphic novels. I started this company because I created a superhero comic book. I sent my proposal to comic book companies. They said no. So my family and I started our own comic book company.

My name is Ibin Abdur-Rahim and I started Hebrew Dat Coffee 3 years ago. As a kid I always imagined myself working in the comic book industry. Unfortunately while growing up, I lost sight of my dreams. But with age comes changes in my thinking and in technology. I hired my brother to illustrate the characters and backgrounds. I plot and add the dialog. And put it all togther using my home computer. My mom helps with the editing and my sister handles our marketing.

What's happening now? My brother and I are working hard on two graphic novels. The first is titled "Baid Is Born" the biography of an African American super hero and his battle to rid his neighborhood (Rainbow Village) of crime and ignorance.

and the second, "Infidel" a female American soldier stationed on a military base in the Middle East, becomes a vigilante in order to protect a city from a tyrannical government. During the day we assume the roles of cubical dwelling, wage slaves. But at night we do what we love to do. Working on our comic books. We are currently seeking investors. For a percentage of our company an investor will allow my brother and I to work on the books full time.

Hebrew Dat Coffee staff is Shahied Abdur-Rahim is the artist and inker. Shahied has also spent 20 years as a freelance graphic artist. He has been commissioned to create artwork for comic books, album covers, t-shirts, tattoos, children books, medical flyers, and logos for local businesses.

Muhammad Abdur-Rahim is the writer and letterer. Attending Saint Petersburg College Muhammad pursued a career in creative writing and graphic arts. He has worked as a freelance graphic artist. Muhammad has gained leadership skills in retail management. And computer graphic training working in technical support management.

We are committed to building a successful company. We will create entertaining comic book properties. We will make our dreams come true.

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