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M.I.A Comics


A website featuring a comic books created by a Florida based, black owned comic book company.

Two African American, brothers create a comic book universe featuring culturally diverse superheroes. Shahied and Ibin Abdur-Rahim have been comic book enthusiasts since childhood. After years of reading mainstream comic books, the brothers saw a change in technology. A change that gave them the tools to create their own comic books. The Abdur-Rahim's have created an underground comic book company called M.I.A Comics. And pledge to release comics with diverse characters, socially relevant themes, and great artwork. The brothers have a shared dream to make a living doing what they love to do. Not what they have to do.

Black Hobo © Baid Is Born © Al Infidel © Ibin Abdur-Rahim. All rights reserved.

Minorites In Action ™ Ibin Abdur-Rahim 

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